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Join the leading companies in the TFL industry in Europe. Develop yourself in the area of ​​transport, forwarding and logistics. Check how it is working in Omida!

Start your career in a transport company that focuses on success

Dynamic development and the structure of OMIDA Group allows to make key decisions quickly. A set of ISO certificates increase the sales possibilities of our forwarders and the reputation of the Omida brand is the key to greater possibilities.

We also constantly want to develop the areas of operation of Omida Logistics, and thus open new operational and commercial offices in our country and in Europe. Being at the forefront of TFL companies in Poland, we place emphasis on the key aspect in the implementation of dynamic development strategy, i.e. increasing the number of customers, transports and investment in people, who are a key element by Omida.

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Growth 100%

We offer our employees a unique career path in TFL focused on achieving success. It's up to you how quickly you achieve success

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Bonus System

Motivated already? We have prepared a unique bonus system for you!

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Full Focus

You only have to do what you are best at. Our forwarders have at their disposal internal legal, debt collection, marketing and HR departments

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Any type of Contract

It is up to you to decide whether we cooperate on a B2B or an employment contract

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Support for Hobbies

We know how important your hobby is to you. For years, we have been supporting our employees in making their dreams and goals come true. Join us and be part of the team

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Great Location

We have offices in the largest business centers, in well-connected city districts. Join one of our branches now!

Aim high. Join the strong one

Choose your city. Apply now!

We have branches in over 20 locations in Poland. Would you like to join us with your team? Contact us at

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On June 1, 2022, the address details changed. Current data can be found on the contact page.