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Forwarding Gdańsk

Check what the forwarding does. Over 20 specialized forwarding branches of Omida Logistics throughout Poland, ready to provide transport and logistics services.

Forwarding Gdańsk. We organize international and domestic transport. Would you like to join our team in Gdańsk? Contact us.

Forwarding Gdańsk. We organize international and domestic transport. Would you like to join our team in Gdańsk? Contact us. | Omida Logistics

We are the leader in road transport in Poland and Europe. Omida Logistics is a brand that is part of the OMIDA group. was established in 2010. Our structure consists of over 20 branches throughout Poland, which is represented by over 200 forwarders and a network of several hundred carriers in the country and Europe. We have been implementing the strategy of dynamic development continuously for 11 years. We run forwarding all over the country and abroad. Forwarding Gdańsk. We organize international and domestic transport.

Forwarding in Gdańsk

Forwarding in Gdańsk is a very important element of the entire logistics process. As a a transport company operating in Gdańsk, we provide road, sea and air transport. We offer proven, professional and modern solutions used in forwarding:

  • modern fleet and qualified personnel,
  • cargo safety at the highest level,
  • punctuality of deliveries and meeting strictly defined deadlines,
  • full service related to domestic and international transport
  • consulting in the field of international and national transport, forwarding and terms related to logistics.

Transport Gdańsk

Our forwarders make sure that each international and national transport takes place within a specific time frame. Transport Gdańsk and Forwarding Tri-City are terms that can be heard more and more often. We define them and use our experience, which we translate into satisfaction and satisfaction of our clients, taking care of the safety of their cargo.

Transport company in Gdańsk

A transport company in Gdańsk means new opportunities and openness to the world. Our headquarters are located in Olivia Business Center, the largest business center in Pomerania. Transport, forwarding and logistics take on a new meaning. Our specialists ensure the selection of the appropriate transport service to the requirements of the goods, up-to-date knowledge and constant contact with the customer.

Willing to join our team in Gdańsk, see the job offer for the position of International Freight Forwarder.

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