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We provide comprehensive services in e-commerce logistics, using innovative IT solutions, enabling automation of the ordering processes and efficient delivery of shipments.

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E-commerce - complex logistics solutions for online stores

We created OMIDA e-commerce, to facilitate the purchasing process and connect your e-commerce with the best available solution to handle transportation and e - logistics

We provide support for all activities related to the receipt of the goods in the warehouse, inventory management, picking and delivery of goods, as well as B2C and B2B distribution, including the deliveries across Europe

Thanks to utilisation of our logistic infrastructure and support of experienced project- and operational teams, our customers subcontracting the entire logistics process are able to save their time and money! Being a leader in the transport industry, we guarantee the highest level of cooperation!

Warehousing | Omida Logistics

Professional Warehousing

Professional warehousing and value-added services, such as: preparation of sets, technical and quality controls and repackaging

Logistics | Omida Logistics

Lower costs of Logistics

Low inventory levels and fewer late shipments thanks to appropriate management

Reporting | Omida Logistics

Handling returns Reporting

Full and made to measure handling returns with a report on each event

Data | Omida Logistics

Real time Data

Inventory control and the opportunity of making the right decisions already at the stage of ordering

Distribution | Omida Logistics

Lower costs of Distribution

We concentrate your shipping volume, which will significantly reduce your delivery costs

Courier companies | Omida Logistics

Integration with Courier companies

We provide integration with courier companies, post and parcel machines. Competitive prices, thanks to the cooperation with a large operator

Personalization | Omida Logistics

Customized Personalization

We offer personalization on request (e.g. assembling sets, attaching inserts, packaging customization, and even laser engraving)

e-WMS | Omida Logistics

System e-WMS

We are using computer software, which streamlines the inventory management system

Lets choose together an offer tailored to your e-Business!

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Build an advantage in industry, thanks to the Omida e-commerce services

High-end warehousing, supplier selection and wise management are key aspects of the so-called customer-experience

warehouse | Omida Logistics


We have a modern warehouse space at our disposal

Our warehouse meets the requirements of class A warehouses located in central Europe. The e-commerce warehouse has an area of 5.5 thousand square meters and is 12 meters high, making it able to store more than 6,500 pallets already during the first stage of expansion!

Partnership-based approach

While observing your stock, we are able to optimize your operations and advise you on how to sell more and better.

Favourable settlements

With us, you know right away what will be your costs! We offer a transparent model of settlements - every month you will receive a summary of costs divided into all service categories. You pay only for the area which you are using.

Select the Warehouse service
business | Omida Logistics


Seamless sales scaling

When your online store grows, we grow with you!

Current insight into warehouse operations

With our developed online tools, you can see what is happening with your products at any time, and control the process of handling returns with the support of our staff.

Packing according to your specifications

We put at your disposal a wide range of possibilities for personalizing packaging. This is how our fulfillment for your e-Business works!

technology | Omida Logistics


System integration

We offer ready integrations with all major online sales platforms, which guarantees fast and smooth implementation

VMI System

System designed to improve the distribution of goods by increasing the responsibilities of the suppliers.


The system is tailored to optimize space and efficiently manage orders straight from your online store.

That is 11 years of experience in the transportation market!

We provide maximum benefits and support for your e-Business! 5.5 thousand m2 of space and 12 meters high... Be sure to see our class A warehouse!

Find out which package is the most suitable for your e-Business

We have prepared three packages, thanks to which we are able to handle both small, medium and very large companies. Each of the packages can be individually customized


We offer support and professional technical solutions in logistics for e-commerce. Standard Package is designed for small and medium entrepreneurs, whose e-businesses are growing rapidly, and therefore they are in need of storage space. Standard Package includes mostly basic fulfilment services, as well as operation of e-VMS system, which enables planning and management of product movement in the warehouse.

standard | Omida Logistics


Business package is designed for shops which appreciate unique and professional service. Business package includes complete e-fulfilment - storage, delivery coordination, communication with the customer, stock management, as well as handling returns and complaints. This means that with our support you will be able to save time and reduce costs, as we will handle the entire logistics process from A to Z.

business | Omida Logistics


Premium package is designed for the most demanding customers. Within the Premium package we not only take over the whole logistics process, but also give you plenty of opportunities to meet the expectations and needs of your customers. We have a whole range of value-added services, thanks to which we can personalize each parcel by e.g. attaching inserts (leaflets, samples, eco-friendly packing fillers, tapes with logo). In addition, within this package we offer integration with the shop under a single dashboard and integration with e-commerce platforms.

premium | Omida Logistics

Learn more about Omida e-commerce service processes

See for yourself what can add value to your e-Business

StageReceipt and verification
  • We receive and verify goods from production plants or from our clients contractors
  • We provide a safe receipt of goods under the supervision of CCTV cameras
  • We guarantee the receipt of goods within the framework of the strategy individually determined with our customers, i.e. the receipt as well as qualitative and quantitative control on the level of an item, carton or pallet
  • We report each time on irregularities in the respective quantities of the goods and their quality
Receipt and verification | Omida Logistics
  • We provide you with a class A warehouse and storage racks for pallets weighing up to 800 kg
  • Separate areas with access control for high-value products
  • We guarantee year-round temperatures above 16°C. and humidity at the level of 50-70%
  • We offer CCTV monitoring with up to 30-days long availability of stored data and 24-hours supervision of a licensed security company
  • We provide direct online access to stock levels
Warehousing | Omida Logistics
StagePicking orders
  • We offer a wide range of co-packing services (assembling sets, attaching leaflets, samples, gadgets, and other inserts, as well as the use of eco-friendly packing fillers and dedicated packages)
  • We also provide preparation of the shipping documents, printing and attaching necessary documents to the shipped packages
Picking orders | Omida Logistics
  • We offer a full package of courier services - national shipping by DPD, FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, parcel machines and pallet transport
  • We ensure customer comfort through the possibility of choosing: the method, place and time of delivery optimal for the recipient
  • We guarantee the proper selection of 3 types of packaging sizes for parcel machines
  • We monitor deliveries on a regular basis
Deliveries | Omida Logistics
StageHandling returns and complaints
  • We handle return orders for e-commerce as well as for the traditional channel
  • On the logistics side, by returns handling we mean verifying the returned goods and subjecting them to quality control
  • On customers request, we can carry out the logistics of return (e.g. repairs, warranty inspections, disinfection and ironing)
Handling returns and complaints | Omida Logistics

Select an offer dedicated for your e-Business

Based on our experience we have prepared several packages that will enable handling your e-commerce at a level expected by your customers. Each of the packages can be freely expanded


Receipt and verification of goods from our customers contractors or manufacturing plants


Unloading and reception of uniform pallets

  • Unloading of a uniform pallet including checking the qualitative and visual protection of the pallet

  • Placing the pallet in the destination indicated by the warehouse management system (WMS).

Unloading and de-stacking of multiple pallets

  • Unloading the mix pallet, visually inspecting and decomposing the pallet into individual stock keeping unit (SKU), depositing the SKU to the destination indicated by the WMS

Unloading and palletizing of containers

  • Opening of the container and registration of the seal number

  • Palletizing goods in accordance with the Customers instructions

  • Unloading cartons, opening the carton and checking each piece in terms of quantity and quality

  • Placing the items or cartons back in the storage location indicated by the WMS

Qualitative and quantitative supply verification

  • Reporting of different pallets

  • Reporting aberration in the amounts of goods and their quality

  • Photos from the receipt of goods

Loading, unloading, transfers of large packages (over 50kg)



    Warehousing in dedicated shelf locations

    • High storage class A warehouse, Sprinkler installations

    • Cleanliness maintenance and protection programme (internal and external control)

    • High storage racks for pallets weighing up to 800 kg and shelves. Storage height - up to 2m.

    Year-round guaranteed temperaturesabove 15 degreesCelsius. Humidity 50-70%

      Security system including 24-hour monitoring

      • CCTV monitoring with up to 30-days long availability of stored data and 24-hours supervision of a licensed security company

      Different methods of goods management

      • FEFO for products with expiration dates

      • FIFO for other products without expiration date

      E-WMS -Warehouse Management System

      • It is a computer software for comprehensive traffic management of products in warehouses.The data iscollected by means of barcodes with the use of scanners, readers and data collectors.

      Flat surface bulk type

      • Block and surface storage

      Dedicated area with access control for high-value product


        B2B and B2C order shipping


        Single picking

          Additional check for correctness of picking inthe packing buffer

          • Photos of package contents stored in OMIDA system

          E-picking - comprehensive packaging service

          • Preparation of shipment documents, printing and adding invoices to shipments, customization of packaging (customer logo, tape with a logo, eco-friendly packing fillers)

          E-fulfilment – logistics process from A to Z

          • Implementation and operation of warehouses manufacturers for outgoing, regional/national distribution centres with dedicated or shared space

          • Supply of semi-finished or finished products to distribution warehouses

          • Communication with the client through the full support of electronic tools

          • Management of orders, PO-to-SO purchase and sales processes

          • Coordination of deliveries to retail, trade channels and final customers

          • Stock management, visibility, tracking and planning

          Handling returns and complaints



          • Handling orders and returns for e-commerce as well as for the traditional channel


          • In terms of logistics, by returns handling we mean verification of returned goods and subjecting them to quality control

          • Tailor-made solutions within the service of returns handling depending on your needs


            Recovery Logistics (e.g.repair, warranty controls)

              Courier services


              We offer a full package of courier services - national shipping by DPD, FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, parcel machines and pallet transport

              • We ensure customer comfort through the possibility of choosing: the method, place and time of delivery optimal for the recipient

              • We guarantee the proper selection of packaging dimensionsfrom 3 types suitable for parcel machines

              • Handling returns

              • The possibility of forwarding the shipment to the pick-up point

              • Full Track and Trace

              E-customs - Customs service includes:


              Preparation of customs documentation, calculation of customs duties and taxes, affixing and removal of customs seals, and thus allowing the goods circulation within our country

                HUZAR application for supervision of the processes


                  Value-Added Services


                  IT integration

                    Co-packing services

                    • Assembling sets (blistering, schelling)

                    • Personalization (e.g. laser engraving)

                    • Completion of stands


                    • Adding flyers, samples, gadgets, eco-friendly packaging fillers and scent

                    Integration with e-commerce platforms

                      Integration with the shop under a single dashboard

                        Extra operating elements


                        The possibility of fiscalization of products in stock (customers fiscal cash register, receipt printout, VAT invoice printout)

                          Full pallet cross-docking services

                          • ECR (Efficient Customer Response) -full pallets of homogenous product are routed directly to the store

                          Dedicated customer service

                            Merge in transit

                            • Combination of goods from the warehouse with external supply and accumulation for one shipment

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