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Road Transport

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Road transport is the optimal solution for customers who want to quickly transport all goods with one means of transport. Evaluate your transport.

Road transport is the optimal solution for customers who want to quickly transport all goods with one means of transport. Evaluate your transport. | Omida Logistics

Road transport

Road transport, otherwise known as road or wheel transport. The well-developed road network throughout Poland and Europe allows for quick transport of any goods.

In Omida, road transport includes the possibility of transporting goods in Poland and abroad. Road transport due to the developed road network is currently the most popular type of transport, because it is fast to organize and cheaper towards other means of transport. In Omid Transport We have been dealing with roads for 11 years, and the varied fleet allows us to transport loads of various sizes and shapes. We are not afraid of challenges, which is why we use road transport to transport things for each industries.

Types of transport in road transport

Road transport, due to its availability, can be divided into several types. In Omida, the offer for road transport is individually tailored to each client according to his needs. We are distinguished on the market by timeliness and cooperation with the best forwarders, therefore relocation of loading regardless of the indicated place is not a problem for us. During 11 years of experience, we have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills that give us the opportunity to ensure our client about the safety of the loading entrusted to us.

Transport FTL - Full Truck Load

Transport called Full Truck Load is dedicated to customers who have to transport a large amount of goods. This type of transport is called full truck load or full truck load because the customer receives the maximum load space. The advantage of FTL transport is that the means of transport is loaded once and is unloaded only at the address indicated.

Transport LTL - Less Than Truck Load

LTL transport is recommended for customers who need to transport a certain amount of goods. Transport Less Than Truck Load is recommended for loads on a pallet. The price of transport is adjusted to the amount of space occupied by the goods, because the customer only rents a specific place in the loading unit.

Pallet transport

In Omida, we offer pallet transport of goods placed on pallets. It is a very popular type of transport among our orders. Properly secured goods on a pallet are easy to load and unload. Road transport on a pallet is our everyday life, which is why we provide this transport to various places in the country and abroad.

Oversized transport

In Omida, we also offer the transport of bulky goods. We know that the transport of such goods requires experience and appropriate specialists. The transport of bulky goods requires, first of all, an appropriate fleet of vehicles. In Omida, we have many types of vehicles and we adjust them individually, depending on the size of the goods. What is worth mentioning is the fact that road transport is great for transporting bulky goods. Appropriate securing of the goods will ensure that it reaches its destination without any disturbances and in perfect condition.

Advantages of road transport

The most important advantages of road transport are:

  • short delivery time
  • possibility of using FTL or LTL transport
  • availability and the possibility of loading

Where are we transporting?

We transport all goods within the country and abroad. Many years of experience allow us to organize every transport, taking care of the most economical and safe route. Our specialists will take care of the formalities of goods transported by road.

National transport

We have been specializing in road transport across the country for many years. We transport goods to large cities as well as smaller ones. In Omida, we offer our clients road transport at the highest level. What distinguishes us is the thousands of completed transports throughout the country.

International transport

The overriding goal for us is the high quality of services, which is why we offer our clients international transport to countries in the European Union and beyond. The most popular direction of road transport is route Germany-Poland. Our team is fluent in English, German, Spanish, Czech and Slovak.

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