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Omida Logistics Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter: Omida) respects the data protection and privacy rights of its customers, employees, contractors and business partners.

The Company is part of the "Omida Group" - a group of companies in accordance with Art. 4 point 19 of the GDPR, with Omida Spółka Akcyjna, Aleja Grunwaldzka 472B, 80-309 Gdańsk (hereinafter: the Lead Company) being the lead company in the co-management model.

We can be contacted as follows:

The Lead Company exercises control over personal data processing processes, identifies risks in the processing of personal data and sets security standards accordingly, ensuring adequate protection for all personal data processed within the Omida Group. In particular, the Group is responsible for the fulfillment of the information obligation towards you and for enabling you to exercise your rights described below. Notwithstanding this determination, you may also exercise your rights against any of the Joint Controllers.

Fulfilling the obligation specified in Art. 26 of the GDPR, we inform you that each of the Controllers independently fulfils their obligations with regard to the exercise of the data subject's rights and their obligations with regard to the provision of the information referred to in Art. 13 and 14 of the GDPR.

In addition, each of the Controllers has a legitimate interest in transferring personal data within the group for internal administrative purposes, which also applies to the processing of personal data of customers and employees.

The Joint Controllers have designated a single contact point for all issues related to the protection of personal data. The Data Protection Officer can be contacted in writing at Aleja Grunwaldzka 472B, 80-309 Gdańsk with the notation "Data Protection Officer" and by email at

Name and surname of the Data Protection Officer: Tomasz Manowski

Omida Personal Data Protection Policy in the field of international and domestic forwarding, logistics, transport, customs agencies and other services related to cargo handling - document to download:

Services provided by Omida Logistics Sp. z o.o., Aleja Grunwaldzka 472B, 80-309 Gdańsk (hereinafter: Omida) and its affiliates include the processing of personal data of data subjects on behalf of the Client/Contractor. With respect to such personal data, Omida Group entities will act as Processor and Client/Contractor will act as Controller. This type of processing is addressed in the aforementioned and published Policy.

To find out how Omida processes your personal data, we encourage you to read the following information clauses regarding:

In addition, we would like to inform you that in order to exercise your rights related to data processing, you can directly contact our data controller or use the forms below:

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