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Do you have an online store? Check how fulfillment can develop your e-business. We offer modern services for e-commerce stores. Find out more.

Do you have an online store? Check how fulfillment can develop your e-business. We offer modern services for e-commerce stores. Find out more. | Omida Logistics

The modern A class warehouse and WMS system enabled us to provide fulfillment services. Fulfillment consists in packing and transporting orders directly to the customer from our warehouse. The service we offer is a great help for online stores.

What is Fulfillment?

Fulfillment is a concept that is becoming more and more known in e-commerce. It is a service consisting in taking over logistic processes, e.g. of an online store, by an external logistics operator. In Omida, having modern warehouse space, we offer our clients a fulfillment service for all online stores that do not have such space themselves.

The term fulfillment is therefore understood not only as logistics services, but also processes related to warehousing and distribution. In addition to the fact that fulfillment is provided by the e-commerce logistics model, thanks to this service, customers can be sure that their goods are properly stored and packed to the recipient.

How does the fulfillment service work?

First, the warehouse receives a notification regarding the goods, the next stage is its acceptance and placing it in a dedicated place. The most important storage process follows two initial steps. Our modern warehouse meets the requirements of class A warehouses located in Central Europe. We have 5.5 thousand m² of warehouse space with a height of twelve meters. Each of the goods is stored safely, but above all, the goods are properly recorded - you can specify the location of the product at any time. In the final elements of the fulfillment process, the shipment order is accepted through the customer's panel and handed over to the courier for delivery.

Who is fulfillment for?

Fulfillment is an ideal solution for online stores, which, increasing their ranges and services over time, need more storage space for their products. The fulfillment service is also dedicated to people who want to partially or fully outsource the service of orders to an external company. Omida offers mediation between the e-shop and the end customer, ensuring his satisfaction with the delivery of the product.

Fulfillment has revolutionized online sales. It is a great solution for companies that do not have a large warehouse space, and their business is constantly growing. Is there a better solution for an online store that will save you time and money? At the moment, the fulfillment service is a service that perfectly meets these requirements.

What are the benefits of fulfillment?

Fulfillment primarily saves time. Why? Well, you do not have to fulfill orders yourself or hire people who will deal with the execution of orders. While business owners can fulfill orders, they can develop the store. Another advantage of the fulfillment service is saving space. Companies do not need to have a warehouse for their online store. The entire assortment can be in the Omida Warehouse. Thus, customers are able to save money as they do not have to rent the entire warehouse. In Omida you immediately know what costs you will incur. We offer a transparent billing model - you will receive a monthly cost breakdown for all benefits. What is important and beneficial? The fact that you only pay for the space you use. In the case of fulfillment, the customer does not have to worry about shipping or returns. This is what we do at Omida, offering a fulfillment service.

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