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Professional logistic services, warehousing, and insurance dedicated to specific industries. Find out how adapted logistics affects business optimization.

What is logistics?

Logistics is the process of planning, realization and control of the stages of the raw material flow. It is the part of the supply chain that deals with planning, the process itself and the control of the smooth delivery of goods.

What logistics services does Omida Logistics offer?

We offer comprehensive logistics services for e-commerce stores, contract logistics, as well as logistics center. Find out how our team can handle your e-Business.

Warehousing | Omida Logistics

Professional Warehousing

Professional warehousing and value-added services, such as: preparation of sets, technical and quality controls and repackaging

Logistics | Omida Logistics

Lower costs of Logistics

Low inventory levels and fewer late shipments thanks to appropriate management

Reporting | Omida Logistics

Gestionarea retururilor Reporting

Full and made to measure handling returns with a report on each event

Data | Omida Logistics

Real time Data

Inventory control and the opportunity of making the right decisions already at the stage of ordering

Distribution | Omida Logistics

Lower costs of Distribution

We concentrate your shipping volume, which will significantly reduce your delivery costs

Courier companies | Omida Logistics

Integration with Courier companies

We provide integration with courier companies, post and parcel machines. Competitive prices, thanks to the cooperation with a large operator

Personalization | Omida Logistics

Customized Personalization

We offer personalization on request (e.g. assembling sets, attaching inserts, packaging customization, and even laser engraving)

e-WMS | Omida Logistics

System e-WMS

We are using computer software, which streamlines the inventory management system

E-commerce | Omida Logistics
Contract Logistics | Omida Logistics
Contract Logistics
Fulfillment | Omida Logistics
Logistics 4.0 | Omida Logistics
Logistics 4.0
Logistics Centre | Omida Logistics
Logistics Centre
Temporary Storage Warehouse | Omida Logistics
Temporary Storage Warehouse

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