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Welcome to Omida Logistics - the most recognizable Polish brand of TFL.

The best forwarding in Poland, international transport, TFL company with many years of experience. Learn the history of Omida Logistics.

We are a Polish company who is Road Transport Leader in both Poland and Europe. Omida Logistics is a brand of the Omida Logistics Sp. z o.o. group, which was established in 2010. Our structure consists of 20 branches located all over Poland, which is represented by over 200 forwarders, and a network of several hundred carriers in Poland and Europe.

Throughout these 14 years, we have been continuously implementing the strategy of dynamic development. The founders of Omida Logistics are Bartłomiej Glinka and Marek Rostkowski. The headquarters of Omida Logistics is located in the Olivia Centre in the Olivia Star building on the 25th floor.

History of the Polish transport company - Omida Logistics

Our story began in Gdańsk. The founders of our company, Bartłomiej Glinka and Marek Rostkowski, open Omida Logistics and create a branch of several people in the office with a view of Westerplatte. Within 3 years we created several branches in Warsaw, Poznań, Katowice and Sopot. Guided by the principle that Omida is people, after 5 years of operation in our company, we employed a team of over 100 specialists. In 2015, we moved our headquarters to the most modern business center in Pomerania - Olivia Center in Gdańsk.

Thanks to the unique career path, the leaders of individual branches have created a structure of partner companies specializing in transport niches such as: oversized transport, military transport, sea transport, air transport, transport in the Scandinavian countries, high value transport.

Bartłomiej Glinka and Marek Rostkowski decided to create the OMIDA Group brand.
As the main claim of the OMIDA Group, the slogan “Together We Are Strong ”.

Today the OMIDA Group consists of:

In 2019, we opened the OMIDA Group magazine in Wypędy near Warsaw and in 2022 we decided to doubling the area of warehouse space, in which we provide all services related to the handling of logistic processes for ecommerce stores.

Gain an experienced transport partner in Poland and Europe

We specialize in FTL road transport. We organize transport throughout Europe. Thanks to our branches, we provide transport for the industry:
  • automotive
  • furniture
  • production
  • construction
  • grocery
  • electronic
  • gaming
  • clothing
  • chemical
  • and many more

In addition to road FTL transport and groupage LTL transport we provide ecological intermodal transport
and transport of paper rolls - paperliner.

Our portfolio includes companies such as: Electrolux, Kreisler, Michelin, Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Żabka, Żywiec Zdrój and many other Polish and international companies.


Marek Rostkowski | Omida Logistics

Marek Rostkowski

He has been a part of the TFL industry since 2002. A graduate of MBA studies at the WSB University in Gdańsk. Co-founder and President of Omida Logistics Sp. z o.o. He is motivated by the ever continuing success in business. He believes that an important element of every person`s development is self-improvement, which is why is a mentor in the Columbus Foundation and a development program for high school students known as The Grade. As the leader of OMIDA Group, he supports activities aimed at the development of employee competence and integration. He is involved in many local initiatives. He lives by the motto that "by learning and applying your knowledge, you can solve every problem, overcome every obstacle and achieve every goal you set"

Bartłomiej Glinka | Omida Logistics

Bartłomiej Glinka

Graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdansk. He graduated with a major in Maritime Trade. A graduate of MBA studies at the WSB University in Gdańsk. Member of the Expert Council of the University of Gdansk. Associated with the TFL industry for over 20 years. Since 2010, he has been successfully managing a group of companies Omida Logistics Sp. z o.o., a Pomeranian leader in the TFL industry employing over 500 employees. He is the founder of the Academy of Personal Development Columbus.


OMIDA Group can boast numerous achievements, i.e. the prestigious award of the Forbes 2019 monthly, or the Gazele Biznesu awards, awarded to the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized enterprises, which it received in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

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Quality certificates are an important element of our organization. Thanks to the certificates we have, you can be sure of high standards both in the areas of service and transport services. Meeting high expectations is what distinguishes us on the market.

CWB | Omida Logistics


The certificate of business credibility is a confirmation of the highest financial condition, which is received by particularly distinguished companies that meet very selected criteria. It is a strong guarantee of stability and profitability that we offer.

GMP+ | Omida Logistics


GMP + is an international certification system that guarantees feed safety. Standard of Good Practices for the Production and Transport of Feed.

ISO 28000 | Omida Logistics

ISO 28000

ISO 28000 is an international standard for supply chain security management system. Thanks to him, all our deliveries are made on time.

IFS Logistics | Omida Logistics

IFS Logistics

In Linkpoint company, IFS Logistics system of food safety during transportation was implemented and certified. It makes it possible to monitor transportation’s consistency with food sanitary regulations, use resources more effectively and increase the scope of goods transported.


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Barcelona 🇪🇸
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