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International Transport

We provide international transport to all countries in Europe. We organize transport in the FTL and LTL model. Grow your business with us.

International Transport - choose an experienced logistics partner

International transport covers issues related to forwarding and logistic processes developed to a greater extent than domestic transport. This type is characterized by a very efficient cargo delivery network from pick-up to destination. We focus on choosing the right transport service, organizing safe route transport and punctual deliveries.

Intermodal Transport

From 2020, we offer our clients ecological intermodal transport , which allows you to reduce the cost of travel on specific routes and directions. It is a transport in which we use several forms of transport in one unit along the entire route. In intermodal transport, it is possible to prepare a long-term contract with a price guarantee . This solution is dedicated to companies wishing to obtain a guarantee of stability of transport costs throughout the year. Undoubtedly, the advantages of intermodal transport are cargo safety and optimization of transport times .

What types of international transport we offer?

Omida Logistics is a transport company with a wide range of transport products and services, dedicated to individual branches of the economy. We offer various forms of transport, such as:

All types of transport we offer nationally and internationally can be found in the Transportation Services tab . We encourage you to choose the appropriate transport service, matched to individual preferences . To find out more about the organization and processes involved in planning a trip to another country - quote your transport .

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