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Learn about the types of transport, comprehensive transport services in various industries. Check what transport looks like in European countries.

Transport Omida Logistics - Polish transport company. Take advantage of TFL services and deliver your transport to the destination.

Omida Logistics is a Polish transport company. We deal with the transport of goods by road, rail and intermodal transport. As part of our services, we organize a multitude of different types of transport, incl. full truckload transport and less than truckload transport .

Our branches are located in over 20 cities all over Poland. From 2019, we have a A-class warehouse near Warsaw , handling all logistics processes of our clients. Our strength is FTL full truckload transport across Europe . This is where we are the best!

Looking to transport goods in Europe? Choose Omida Logistics. We focus on constant contact between the supervisor and the client and the team's specialization in serving a given industry!

Division of transport into types, services and industries

Transportation can be divided into types related to different services. The most popular types of transport are FTL and LTL. Transport can also be categorized based on specific industries and the products they manufacture or the industries in which they are used. Also read about transport in different countries. Use the buttons below to go to the relevant subpages.

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