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We are proud to announce that we have been honored with the 2022 Economic Griffin as Leaders of Economic Transformation. The Pomeranian Economic Griffin is a prestigious regional award that the Pomeranian Entrepreneurship Council has presented continuously since 2000. This Council, which represents regional economic circles, also serves as an advisor to the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Results of the Economic Griffin 2022 competition We sincerely thank you for another year! Applause for the entire Omida Group team.

Economic Griffin 2022

In the sphere of transportation, we have carried out an ecological transformation. As of 2021, we have included OMIDA INTERMODAL, a service using intermodal trailers that are capable of traveling long distances by rail. Transport from and to the rail terminal is carried out overland. This innovative model allows about 90% of the entire route to be traveled by rail. One train is capable of transporting 40 trailers at a time, which were previously transported by road.

Starting this year, Omida Group manages a fleet of 200 intermodal trailers that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions every day.

However, it's not just the service that counts. Since June, we have introduced educational training for our employees to provide factual arguments to our customers, encouraging them to choose intermodal transportation:

Commitment to environmental protection and reduction of CO2 emissions Constant monitoring of every trailer A state-of-the-art fleet We would like to thank our entire team for their commitment and contribution to our company. Thanks to you, we are honored to receive the Economic Griffin statuette in 2022.

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